New Year Edition

Welcome to the New Year!  What a wild ride 2017 was! Thank you all for joining us in this journey. We promise to keep bringing you the best service, food and entertainment we possibly can.

2017 Recap: There’s no way to recall everything that happened last year, for it was overwhelmed with so many great moments, events and people that graced us throughout the year! What I’m going to do is a free-for-all recap of everything that comes to mind, so here we go…. (takes deep breath)…. Comedy nights, midget wrestling, ladies mud wrestling, live rock and roll, live folk music, live country music, impromptu karaoke, poker night, trivia night, beer pong, cash bounties on trivia winners, cash bounty on beer pong winners, cornhole tournaments, fund raisers, bike runs, sponsored a softball team, sponsored the high school golf team, pizza parties, getting ‘iced’, McGregor v. Mayweather, ugly sweater party, Halloween costume party, Thanksgiving after party, Christmas after party, GO, after-hour parties, after-hour flip cup, family feud, Angel Christmas tree, Santa Claus, two wedding ceremonies, a wedding reception, long nights and early mornings --- but most importantly; we opened the doors and created a solid community. One in which contains some of the most genuine people we have ever known. Thank you for everything.

A message from the owners: Most importantly, we had the pleasure of meeting you all and having the honor of bringing you all together to hang out with us and allow us to serve you, as well as bring fun times to the community! We’ve had the time of our lives and to our incredible community (you), we thank you!
Coming Up in January…
Drop Dead Dangerous (Jan 5) $7 cover
Brandon Fulson (Jan 6) Free Show
Vaden Landers (Jan 12) $5 cover
Comedy Night with Spanky Brown (Jan 13). $10 tickets
Sundy Best (Jan 19) $20 tickets
Jordan King (Jan 20) Free Show
Jared Hard (Jan 26) Free Show
Lauren Beeler (Jan 27) Free Show
Keep an eye out for…
Ladies Night Out
Chris Knight: Live at Brewsky's
As always, GO is available to pick you up and drop you back off. Please enjoy yourselves responsibly and let us get you home safe!
With love and gratitude from,
The Brewsky Family

Ben Spies