Look What We're Doing (March)

What a ride it's been!

Welcome to the second official Newsletter!

We are blown away with the amount of support the community has shown us so far. February was busier than we could have ever imagined. Our ‘soft opening’ turned out ‘grand opening’ numbers, in which we will admit, we were not ready for. So first, we appreciate everyone’s patience, flexibility and understanding as we adjust. Second, we have made the necessary adjustments in hiring on more staff members in order to accommodate you, the customers.

So now what?...

Being fully staffed has allowed us to maintain quicker turn-around times from when your orders are placed to the time your food is served to your table. The lunch rushes and weekend madness is no longer a threat, as we are fully prepared for these rushes and will get you in and out of the door in a timely manner (unless you want to hang out with us, which we fully welcome that).
We have read each and every comment card you all have filled out and have listened to every suggestion presented to us in order to make Tennessee Brewsky’s a better place.

  • We WILL have some sort of cover over the windows for you all to enjoy your seats at the bar, in private
  • We WILL be getting draft beer. Tentative dates are sometime around April
  • We WILL be getting a Jukebox
  • We WILL be getting a light control to dim the lights during the evening hours
  • A pool table may be a feature at TN Brewsky’s, sooner than we had anticipated!
  • Better bar stools and high-top tables are definitely on the list of improvements
  • We are working at getting more local brews in our line-up in our effort to support local small businesses

Accomplishments: We are proud to announce that we have been part of some really cool events and have begun to make an impact in the community since we’ve opened our doors.

  • Donated and sponsored a local youth group in efforts to raise money for an upcoming mission trip
  • Supporting the local Honey Convention happening March 3rd and 4th at Walters State in Tazewell, TN. For more information please visit: https://business.facebook.com/groups/easttnhoney/
  • Donated/Recycled over 2,000 bottles
  • Sponsored Ben Rowland, a championship MMA fighter (See his upcoming fight April 1st)
  • Are in contact with the local Animal Shelter in sponsoring and helping them
  • Have reached out to the Senior Citizen’s community and have taken in a local senior citizen, ensuring he has adequate transportation to get to medical appointments, help organizing his move from New Tazewell to Knoxville and giving him a place to hang out and have a cup of coffee, all in good company!

This month: Keep an eye out at www.tnbrewsky.com/events/ for this month’s upcoming events. Live Music Fridays, Community Jam Circle Sundays, March Madness Brackets, UFC Pay-Per-View events, The Bachelor Mondays, and much much more…
Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback. We look forward to making this adventure better and better each day.
Ben Spies

Ben Spies